In UK there is no law which says one cannot change their name/s and it is common practice for women to adopt their husband’s surname upon marriage. Others sometimes just change their name/s for personal reasons. I did just that 40 years ago and one of my sons followed suit. I now have one forename and one surname.

In Spain (where we live) one cannot change their name/s without a judge giving permission and that is only possible in exceptional circumstances. However, when my wife renewed he R o P passport her name was shown as, first name, maiden surname as a middle name and my surname. That was in spite of the fact I had shown on the online application her maiden surname and my surname as a dual surname, and thus following the Spanish rule of citizens having two surnames. The idea was that my wife would conform to the Spanish rule.

I see now that my wife is stuck with the name passport office chose to show as she cannot change her name in R o P.

In Philippines I know married women ‘usually’ drop the middle name they had and use their maiden surname as a middle name and their husband’s surname as their surname, but it would appear that is not a legal requirement. From friends of my wife it seems that situation is not common knowledge.