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    Flying visits (men only)

    During christmas week, a friend of mine flew over to Manila, and stayed at a friend of mines place in Quezon city, during his hectic week, the first place we went to on Christmas day, was a trip up to Subic, sorry but the place was so mesmerising i cant even remember the resorts name on the way back down to Quezon he requested we stop off in Angeles city , where i took a walk with him down "is it the walking street" ? i must say this was an eye opener for me, never having visited such a place before, walking past the various bars and seeing lots of foreigners Drinks sitting in windows Beer in hand eyeing up the locals as they paraded there Talents, it reminded me of something equal to a meat market, anyways we took a walk to the end and turned back having sussed out what was what,my mate had come for a good time so the first he went in was a drug store for safety first measures , i guess it must be my age, but some young street vendors kept trying to sell me viagra, to me not my mate Hahaha, then we found a place where he could rent a room for a few hours, so then its time for him to find his pleasure he had already decided he liked one particular lady while we were walking down the street having found his pleasure he then agreed a price 1000php which included the room, while he was away i went into a Sports bar for a quick drink, and then went for a Pee somewhere discreet, on my walk back to the Walking Street (Fields Avenue ?) i was asked by a GUY how big was my private parts, I replied its not how big mate its how you use it anyways as he walked past me he attempted to grab my manhood, i quickly gave him a shove away, and told him to ...... off, maybe half an hour later my mate came back as i waited for him outside Mcdonalds, and said that was a waste of time, didnt do anything for me, and his chosen lady of the night had asked for a tip, he told her i paid for 3 hours, and it took 20 minutes.. thats your tip. That was my first experience of Angeles City, but it certainly was an eye opener, he got the ladies, and i pulled the gays .

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    Lol... Brilliant story. Reminds me of my time in the Seychelles and when I managed to pull a gay sailor... Which involved my group of mates trying to avoid his group for the rest of the night as he was desperate to take me back to his ship!

    God knows how he got the impression I was that way inclined!

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