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    Schengen Visa Requirements

    wife wants to go on a trip to Barcelona, she is 18 months through the first visa second one has to be applied for in jan to take to 5 yars
    so can anyone explain what , where , how, we get her a schengen visa to go for a long weekend to Barcelona Spain

    any and all info is needed ,
    how long they last, whens best time to apply before she goes, can they start the day you go,
    where you get them etc etc etc

    thank you

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    It's change a bit since we went down this route.
    We visited France and applied on line first then went to London , it took a few weeks all in all and did not cost much.
    I am sure you can go straight to the embassy in England of the county you are visiting and go through them.
    But again it's been years since we did ours, someone will be along soon I am sure to point you in the right direction

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    Prior to my wife obtaining her British passport we used to go the French embassy in London, even though we were travelling to Spain we had to go to the French embassy as France was the first country we would travel to. If you are flying direct to Spain then this should help.....


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