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    Visit Visas for two family members

    We are planning on bringing my wife.s brother and mother to the UK for a 6 month visit. The plan is that we will be financing the whole thing ourselves from the uk as their source of income is us!

    I have quickly looked through the UKBA website and it seems we can finance this but I wondered if anyone has any idea of what the UKBA will be looking for in order to grat the visa? What sort of money will they consider reasonable to finance a stay for two people over 6 months? Are there any other things we need to consider? Anybody else done this who could advise?

    Both my wife's brother and mother are coming as I believe my mother in law is not comfortable travelling alone.

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    UK Home Office will be more interested in proving that both of them have strong ties to the Philippines and will not overstay in the UK. You need to gather evidences for that, i.e. properties, work, etc. if they do have them. On your part, you only have to supply documents that you really can support them while they're here, i.e. accommodation (that you have room(s) for them if they are staying in your house), your bank account(s) showing you can really afford it, also provide a cover letter for the application stating what they are going to do in the UK and you are fully supporting their stay. The hardest part really is proving and convincing UK Home Office that they'll go back to the Philippines.
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    I'm planning to bring my mother here on a tourist visa, I thought it will be easier to sponsor my mum since she is already widowed and retired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by filscot99 View Post
    I'm planning to bring my mother here on a tourist visa, I thought it will be easier to sponsor my mum since she is already widowed and retired.
    You'll need to be extra careful in establishing reasons why she'll return home against reasons to remain in UK

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