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    Divorce to be made legal in the Philippines?

    A New York Times article about this very topic. I think it will be only a matter of time myself.

    This time next year Rodrigo we'll be.....

    <<<< Me at the Taal Volcano in Tagaytay (November 2013). On this particularly visit to Pinas I arrived in Manila the day after Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc further south.

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    By most accounts it seems now to be more likely than not.
    Still needs to be made law by the government though and therein lies a problem.

    The RH law was passed but not fully implemented.
    Mr Duterte, by presidential decree, has declared it must be implemented and followed in full.
    It not he will do something bad to those who hold back
    This is his way. He cannot be changed.

    We need to wait and see how much pressure he can load onto the lawmakers to force them to pass the needed legislation

    I hope he can succeed

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