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    Question How/What/Which Passport to get?

    hello everyone!

    Lovely evening to you guys.. I need some advice about getting/applying the right passport for our newborn baby. My husband is Austrian Citizen living and working in the UK for 14 years as self employed and currently holding an Austrian Passport and I am Filipina currently holding a Philippine Passport and my visa here is still EEA residence permit valid till 2018. Our little boy was born here in the UK last month and we've already got his birth certificate and now we would like to process his passport so he could travel with us to Philippines soon. Now my questions are

    1. Can he apply for a British Passport? Is he automatically a British Citizen? Or he can only get Austrian Passport? if so,
    2. What are the requirements needed? How long does it take?
    3. How much would it costs?
    4. Can he have two passports ( UK and Phil) or (Austrian and Phil)

    Many thanks in advance to those who have time to help us!!

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    Trusted Member grahamw48's Avatar
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    You need to take a look at the OFFICIAL UK Passport Office website.


    I don't think your son will be entitled to a British passport though, as neither parent is a British Citizen, from what you've said.

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    Hi ana, you need to get your son an Austrian passport. You remember Marichu the one we met in London. Her husband is italian national though born and living here in U.K.
    Life as we make it

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