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Thread: Forget Me Not

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    Here is a tale that'll tug at your heartstrings:

    It is about an who'd arranged an early morning appointment with his GP ... because - as he'd explained to the receptionist over the - he had another [IMPORTANT] appointment he was anxious to keep, an hour later.

    "So, Mr Goodman", said the GP (after completing a routine examination of his patient) "I believe you have another appointment to go to after this one."

    "'s right, Doctor",
    replied Mr Goodman; "you see, I've been going to the hospital at nine o'clock every morning for the past 5 years to have breakfast with my wife".

    "Five years you've been doing that!" exclaimed the doctor raising his eyebrows in surprise. That's a long time! "Pray, tell me, what is wrong with your wife?"

    "Alas, she has Alzheimer's", the elderly man responded.

    "Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry to hear that",
    the doctor sympathised. "And does she
    still recognise you, at all?

    "fraid not", said Mr G, shaking his head sadly. "But I still know her, though!"

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    How lovely

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